We are now closed for the 2020 Christmas season~  We are sorry for

the inconvenience. Thank you to all of our awesome customers for

your continued support and to our amazing staff for their hard work

and dedication to make it a great season!

Merry Christmas to all!

     While this is disappointing to some of our customers,  and also to us)

setting a yearly harvest limit/quota is a necessary tool for responsible

resource management.  With out this limit, we would be unable to ensure

a good variety of quality trees for years to come. We appreciate your 

patience and understanding.


      If you have an interest in purchasing White Pine, Cedar, or Mixed Roping from us in the future, please consider sending us a personal message indicating what kind you prefer and how much you like.  It will help us to plan for the 2021 season so that we can meet all of your decorative needs. 


Welcome to Runyan's Country Tree Farm

Our staff continues to be committed to providing high quality Christmas trees,

hand made seasonal greenery and decorations,

and honoring family traditions since 1979.

From Our Hearts to Yours

We are so grateful and thankful for all of our loyal, repeat customers and the many faces of our first time friends! We truly enjoy seeing all of you, hearing your stories, and helping you to kick off the holidays as you celebrate your unique family traditions.

We have loved seeing generations laugh and spend time together, your great dogs in Christmas attire, all of your smiling faces and pictures of your beautiful trees. Thank you for contributing to the Runyan's charm and magic of the season- We appreciate you!

We have worked very hard to ensure that your family would be able to have a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience while visiting our tree farm.  We want to wish all of you a wonderful Merry Christmas and a blessed beginning of a new year. Remember to be kind and do something nice for someone that may not be expecting it this season!


Learn more about our

Covid-19 safety procedures!

Our Services

Here’s What We Provide

Christmas Trees

Take a wagon ride into

our "you cut" fields to find

the perfect tree or choose from one of our gorgeous trees on our pre-cut lot. Cost of trees is dependent upon the tree type and size. Our Field Cut tree selection includes Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Black Hills Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, White Spruce, Scotch Pine (limited supply), and White Pine. Tree types on the pre-cut lot may vary from year to year.


Wreaths & Decor

We have an amazing and talented team of designers who create handmade wreaths, swags, centerpieces, front door porch pots and a wide variety of other unique holiday decor.


Family Fun

Customers love to make family memories here! We celebrate the joy of season and and enjoy helping you to carry on special holiday traditions or start new ones of of your own .  Come see Mr. and Mrs. Clause on the weekends (10:00 - 4:00); visit our charming country store for gifts, holiday items, tasty treats and delicious drinks; take family pictures at one of our many "photo op" spots; children can ride the barrel train for free.

Christmas Countdown

Business Hours


We are so sorry to report that we are now closed for the 2020 selling season.

While this will surely be disappointing to some of our customers, and also to us, setting a yearly harvest limit/quota is a necessary tool for responsible resource management. With out this limit we would be unable to ensure a good variety of quality trees for years to come. 


There are several reasons why we have had to close earlier than in years past. The last two years have brought temporary or long term closures of several smaller farms around us. This has significantly increased our customer base as well as a local demand for fresh cut Christmas trees.  Social Media has reached far and wide, and we are attracting many brand new customers from farther away. Tree farms all across the state are seeing in increase in the number of customers that are new to the "Keep It Real" feeling of having a fresh cut tree, which increases the demand.  Thank you for your understanding, and patience with us as we adjust to these "unexpected growing pains".  Have a blessed holiday season and enjoy your time with your family.


About Runyan's Country Tree Farm

Our Background

Runyans Country Tree Farm has been providing quality Christmas trees and festive household wreaths and greenery since 1979.  Ownership began with Paul and Mary Runyan of Clio and transferred to Larry and Michelle DeCoster in 2005. After coming to the farm as customers for more than 15 years, the Case family purchased Runyan's Country Tree Farm in 2019.

They appreciated all of the charm of the farm during the Christmas season and value quality family time and honoring traditions. They are grateful for Larry and Michelle who have worked side by side with them as mentors, teachers, and encouragers as they grow with this amazing agricultural business.  Runyan's Country Tree Farm is known for, and continues to strive for, excellent customer service while providing your family with great opportunities to build memories during the holiday season.

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10235 N Webster Road, Clio, MI 48420, USA

(810) 687-2476


(810) 687-2476

10235 N Webster Rd. 

Clio, MI 48420, USA

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