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Runyan's Covid Policy

We are following CDC guidelines and state requirements as best we can.

Masks: Yes, this DOES include the use of masks or facial coverings when in highly populated areas, when engaging with staff, and when taking the rides out to the fields (and back) or when entering any of our buildings (including the barn). We do encourage every guest to bring a mask or facial covering with them, and be prepared to wear it when asked. We will have some paper masks on hand and some Christmas mask for sale if people need them.

Here are just some of the steps we took to help reduce the chance of spreading any illness, including Covid-19:

- moving the gift shop and cashiers outside

- having a "Sips & Snacks" pick up window behind the gift shop

- Limiting the number of people on the wagon rides – while simultaneously increasing the number of wagons so you would not experience a wait.

- using fun social distancing signs as a reminder of where to be wary of your personal space and that of others

- limiting the number of people in the barn, while your tree is being processed

- having sanitizing stations through-out the farm

- encouraging people to spread out as much as possible while buying your tree and decorations

- have an informational pamphlet for everyone with our policies and expectations while enjoying the farm

- encouraging anyone with any symptoms of illness to stay home and come on another day when they feel better.



While it remains a controversial subject, we remain hopeful that our customers will be respectful of our wishes and do their part to help mitigate the spread of the non-discriminating virus.

We believe that we all need to be smart... we all need to use our head; we all need to practice good hygiene, stay home if we are ill, consider others as well as yourself, respect others space and differences and we all can be safely in an open space and enjoy ourselves.

As a business, and morally, we have a duty to help prevent the spread of any illness- but especially Covid-19. We intend to do our part to help our families, staff, and guests as much as we can. We are a business that must survive, and we do that by remaining open. We cannot afford to be shut down for 2 weeks. In order to be open, there are things we must do, regardless of how we feel about them personally. We must consider the good of the group as well as the health of our extended family members.

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